Meet The Team

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Denise Anderson

Attorney Denise Anderson is known as the person to call if no one else can figure it out.  As a legal advocate, Denise is thorough and detailed in her approach and isn’t afraid to set precedent for her clients.

Denise grew up in a small town in western Kansas, where she watched her father work his day job and build a successful farming and cattle business at night and on weekends.  Her ingrained work ethic has led her to start a few of her own businesses, charter a preschool, graduate from law school magna cum laude, and take a short detour to follow another passion and become a pastry chef in NYC.

As an attorney, Denise attributes her success to her five children.  A parent for 39 years (and hopefully another 39!), makes Denise an expert at remaining calm and firm when faced with adversity. Denise knows how to listen, mediate and solve problems. A lawyer with 27 years experience, she commands her client’s challenges with disciplined confidence, professional integrity and persuasive diplomacy.

Colette Schmidt

Colette Schmidt is from Grantham, New Hampshire. She graduated magna cum laude in International Studies and Economics with honors from the University of Hartford. Colette has always been passionate about helping others, studying global economic growth and development to refine this passion. Through these studies, she was able to partake in many academic endeavors, including the creation of a framework of a sustainable entrepreneurship business model that worked towards empowering women. Now, she has just completed her first year at Vermont Law School and intends to specialize in International Environmental Law. She wants to use her degree to help institutions become leaders in sustainability and work to keep communities safe. In her spare time, Colette loves golfing, kayaking, hiking, and spending time with her dogs.

Christina Sultan

Miss Sultan has been the owner and manager of a private investigations agency with licensing in Vermont, California and New York since 1999.   Her and her colleagues have experience working on complex civil and criminal defense investigations – including identifying and locating suspects, obtaining/securing important case evidence, financial audits, profiling, and co-ordination with law enforcement.  She has also worked on Defender General case matters, including major fraud and homicides, with her former law enforcement partner Gary Small.She has testified in Federal and State courts.  Previous security clearance, California Department of Justice, weapons permit.

Member, N.C.I.S.S. (National Council of Investigations and Security), since 2005.

Former member, ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security), 2002 – 2007.

Member, TASA (Technical Advisory Services for Attorneys), 2002 – present