Business Law for Employees


Being someone who has represented a business owner, I am going to understand what your problem is and how to help you fix it, because I understand what motivates the business owner. As long as I have not represented your employer, I can help you, the employee, with advice and counsel on how to best handle your particular situation. I can advise you to find a solution so you can work with your employer and retain your good standing and job. If that is not possible, I can analyze your rights to pursue a claim against your employer.

The goal is to help you get what you want and to feel Ok about it, given the circumstances. I can explain what your rights are, how your rights have been violated and how to use that information to your benefit to achieve what you want. However, the key is what is your outcome. What is it that you want? In these situations, it is difficult to keep your emotions in check and to stay focused on the outcome you desire. To help you accomplish this, I often explain what your job is like from the employer’s point of view and the benefits of alternate avenues of relief.

Litigation is the last resort in an employment matter and I’ll do my best to approach your situation with your needs as the goal.