Have questions? Ready to talk with an attorney? Our firm offers a free consultation. After a conflict check to determine whether we are able to represent you, I will meet with you for an initial free consultation to allow you to get to know me and to learn who you are, to understand the situation and to determine whether we will work well together. My best work is dependent on being able to establish a strong, working relationship. In representing you, it is important to be as transparent and communicative as possible. A client needs to trust that their lawyer is going to listen and give them objective, direct advice and is going to be able to be creative and identify solutions to reach the desired outcome. As a first step, an initial free consultation will establish whether you want to hire us and allow us to create a plan to move forward.

What would a client need to bring?

Once you introduce yourself and the parties involved, our firm will conduct a conflict check. When we set our free consultation meeting, please bring any documents that already exist that relate to your issue. Sometimes I ask for what I refer to  as a “braindump,” which is a brief, yet detailed, account of your situation with facts, dates and critical players.  I’d like you to tell me what happened, how you feel about it, and what you hope to accomplish. If you sent me documents before our free consultation, I will review all your documents before we meet at no charge. As a result of our free initial consultation, I am able to give you an idea about the directions you might be thinking about and alternate solutions.

It is important that you understand, once you begin to discuss with me the issue and your situation, you have created an attorney-client relationship, which is privileged.  Even if you do not hire me and my firm, after a conflict check, just sitting down with me has established an attorney-client relationship and everything you tell me and give me is kept confidential.


I don’t charge for the free initial consultation.  If your matter involves starting a new business or addressing an issue that will be time-consuming and therefore costly in terms of attorney fees, we will discuss billing rates and payment plans. Some cases and matters can be handled on a contingency basis, while others are billed at an hourly rate. The billing depends in part on whether the matter is project based or a long-term relationship. As an entrepreneur, I understand the cash flow of starting a new business and the initial obstacles and stress associated with it. That is why I will talk with you about your ability to pay and we will work that out beforehand. In any event, there will be no surprises.