About Attorney Denise Anderson

denise anderson business lawyer vt hartford vt hartland vt upper valley nyAttorney Denise Anderson is known as the person to call if no one else can figure it out.  As a legal advocate, Denise is thorough and detailed in her approach and isn’t afraid to set precedent for her clients.

Denise grew up in a small town in western Kansas, where she watched her father work his day job and build a successful farming and cattle business at night and on weekends.  Her ingrained work ethic has led her to start a few of her own businesses, charter a preschool, graduate from law school magna cum laude, and take a short detour to follow another passion and become a pastry chef in NYC.

As an attorney, Denise attributes her success to her five children.  A parent for 39 years (and hopefully another 39!), makes Denise an expert at remaining calm and firm when faced with adversity. Denise knows how to listen, mediate and solve problems. A lawyer with 27 years experience, she commands her client’s challenges with disciplined confidence, professional integrity and persuasive diplomacy.

Why do I do what I do?

I like being with people and taking care of people. I think if you ask the folks that know me they would agree with that. I became a lawyer because I had three children and no way to support them. I was so disappointed in any support system that was available and I realized there is no one who is going to be there for me do it for me or be there to pick me up.

With three children ages 6 and under, I could give up, take the easy route or do something about it. I was never raised to give up. My father gave that to me. I decided to go back to school. If I had known how hard it was going to be, I probably would never have done it. My desire to take care of people pushed me to do it and I had three people counting on me. Another reason I became a lawyer is because I liked all the things about Perry Mason and Alfred Hitchcock, the who dunnit mysteries, puzzles, and questioning whether there could have been a different outcome? Becoming a lawyer fed that part of me.

I am a relationship business attorney who is well positioned to follow a case through trial.  Whether it is handling a single contract or filing a case in court, I analyze the issues from the perspective of business management and planning.  Developing a strategy that considers the internal health and growth of the business and paying particular attention to the human capital resources and operations make it possible to reach a successful resolution. Moreover, avoiding problems and potential litigation are the keys to any successful business and that always guides my legal advice.

Professional Qualifications

Since 1989, Denise has represented employers and employees, union workers and business owners.  She has worked with entrepreneurs at the formation stage of their businesses and has defended multi-million dollar businesses in “bet the company” lawsuits.  Her list of clients includes several Fortune 100 and 500 companies, class action plaintiffs in a national origin discrimination suit, and defendants charged with civil racketeering and fraud.  Here in Vermont, Denise has represented Vermonters’ interests in the wind industry.  When experience matters, Denise’s operational view will create successful outcomes.

Denise practices law in Vermont and New York. She is also licensed to practice law in Kansas and Missouri but is currently inactive. She graduated from Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas, Magna Cum Laude, in 1989. She served as Editor-in-Chief of the Washburn Law Journal and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

While practicing in Kansas City, Denise was honored as the 2007 Legal Leader of the Year and as a 2005 and 2008 Super Lawyer.

Denise has presented numerous seminars to her colleagues and clients in the areas of employment law, contracts and business law. She has authored articles and chapters in legal publications and is currently combining her legal expertise with local professionals to create educational seminars in the Upper Valley.

Denise has always been actively involved in pro bono work with local police and authorities in defending the rights of women and their children. She has served on the Board of Directors of Gifted Hands, a non-profit domestic violence prevention program, and Newhouse, a domestic violence shelter for women. Here in the Upper Valley, Denise currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Haven, a non-profit shelter for the homeless, and previously served as a director of Spark! Community Center, whose mission is to enrich the lives of all people of differing abilities.